Smart doorbell catches political canvasser

Castletownroche councillor, Frank Roche on the N73, where his large poster has disappeared. (Pic: Marian Roche)

With just over three weeks to go until polling day, the usual shenanigans are taking place across the region with election posters. In 2024 however, Smart doorbells are also catching candidates and their canvassers red-handed in their (alleged) blackguarding.

On the N73, Cllr Frank Roche has already seen a poster disappear completely on the road into Kildorrery, while on the other side of the village, posters have been defaced with spray paint to give the Castletownroche candidate sunglasses. Meanwhile, at Molly Barry’s Cross in Kilworth, both Cllr Frank O’Flynn and Labour candidate Diarmuid Hanley have seen less artistic graffiti in red spray paint deface their posters, although nearby neighbours, candidates Cllr William O’Leary and Independent candidate Peter O’Donoghue, seem to have avoided the same treatment to date.

However, Mr O’Donoghue has alleged that his campaign has suffered a different type of obstacle from a ‘very well known, established party politician’, as a constituent allegedly captured a nefarious act on their Smart doorbell.

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