‘Reasonable’ to assume Kilfinane bones are of Staker Wallace

The memorial to Staker Wallis. (Picture: Marian Roche)

The quest for Staker Wallace nears its completion, as it was said this week that it is ‘reasonable’ to believe that he is one of the people whose remains were discovered in the square in Kilfinane in 2006.

Sarah McCutcheon, Archaeologist with Limerick City and County Council, gave an update this week. Two samples of the bones discovered in 2006 were taken to Queen’s University in Belfast last August. The bones date from the late 18th century, which would tally with the year of Staker’s execution, 1798.

However, identifying the bones of each individual skeleton unearthed is not an option, as the bones, which are from a minimum of five people and perhaps seven, are ‘completely mixed up’ and number 1,400 pieces.

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