New book follows life of Nano Nagle

Nano Nagle is one of the most pioneering figures in Ireland’s history and author Noela Fox, has just released a new book about her life.

‘A Dream Unfolds, the story of Nano Nagle’ tells the story of the lady who founded Presentation Sisters in 1775 and inspired Edmund Ignatius Rice to found the Christian Brothers.

The book begins during Nano’s childhood and readers understand the lengths her parents went to so as to ensure that she received an education.

As a young woman, she travels to France to attend school and one night, seeing the poor and destitute people on the city streets, her outlook on life is forever altered.

Upon her return to Cork, she helped poor Catholic children by teaching them trades and improving their living conditions.

Throughout her life, her goals were hindered by setbacks and personal tragedies, but her determination to help the most vulnerable in society never wavered.

This book tells the story of Nano Nagle in a moving testimony to her life’s work and it also creates a portrait of her that people can relate to.

The author Noela Fox is from New South Wales in Australia and she has written ten books, including three on Nano Nagle.

The book was launched in The Nano Nagle Centre last week on April 26, it is available from and from all bookshops. All royalties will be donated to charity.