Legal action against council over landfill site

Members of the Kildorrery Anti-Dump Group pictured in October 1997 outside the High Court in Dublin, having reached a settlement of their action against Cork County Council in relation to the closure of the landfill at Ballyguyroe. (Picture: The Avondhu Archives)

A legal action has been initiated against Cork County Council by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for non-compliance at Ballyguyroe Landfill Site.

The site, which is one of four on the National Priority Sites List, has come under scrutiny by the EPA for high methane levels, and for continued high leachate levels.

The six hectare landfill site was operational from 1990 until September 2001, taking in 230,000 tonnes of waste.

The EPA said the site had been on the National Priority Site List since the first half of 2021, that ‘no significant progress had been made’, and found the council’s attitude and understanding to be lacking.

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