The missing trophy - apologies for poor picture quality.

The family of the late Mick McCarthy of Youghal are seeking the public’s help to locate the Mick McCarthy Perpetual Trophy which was put up by Youghal Cycling Club over 20 years ago.

Evidently, the cup had only been won about four times and while it has been missing with over 20 years now, it is believed to be located somewhere in the Cork area – perhaps someone with Fermoy Cycling Club might be able to help?

The trophy meant an awful lot to the McCarthy family at the time ‘and still does’, as Mick McCarthy’s son Ollie, explained to Patricia Messinger on C103’s Cork Today show during the week.

“The family would dearly love to have the trophy back. It meant so much to our family, much more than you might realise,” he said.

“Even if it has been thrown in the bin, at lease let us know that,” he said, stressing that there is no need for anyone to feel embarrassed about it should that have been the case.

Anyone with information of the cup should contact C103FM at 022-42103.