WIT Business School announces postgraduate online open events

Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) has announced it will host two online open events for prospective postgraduate students on Tuesday, 18 August, 2020 from 6.30pm-7.30pm and again on 28 August from 12.30-1.30pm. Details will be posted at www.wit.ie/events.

WIT Business School has been delivering a range of executive programmes over many years including its MBS and MBS Internationalisation masters, MBA, Masters in Business in Lean Practice, and Doctorate in Business Administration.

Head of the Department of Graduate Business, Prof Denis Harrington says: “A specialist Masters is now a highly sought after qualification from those getting ready to launch their careers, or from individuals seeking to upskill to enhance their employment progression.

“At WIT Business School we offer our postgraduate programmes as a platform to build your own unique degree, based on your business interests, and career ambitions.”

The Department of Graduate Business has also announced its MBS programme (with specialisations in marketing, HRM, economics and finance and management) can now be taken flexibly in either a full or part-time mode of delivery.

“Previously students who sought to take this programme part-time would need to be on campus on more than one day. Now with new flexible delivery options, students who wish to take any of our specialist Masters courses on a part-time basis can do so by taking classes on one day per week at a time that suits their schedule.

“We will now facilitate delivery of the course from 2-9pm on Tuesday and Thursday for full time students and on for those taking the part-time option, they take the course on Tuesday over a two-year period,” he says.

The potential career paths for graduates from the Department of Graduate Business include opportunities in both the private and public sectors, namely in banking and financial services, international marketing, digital marketing, brand management, analysts’ roles and in the education sector.

The career path chosen by participants is enhanced through a practitioner seminar programme, an international study tour and in the close relationships that the department maintains with its past graduates and alumni.

“At our online open event students will have the opportunity to learn more about our range of full and part-time specialist postgraduate programmes and will also chat with staff who can answer questions regarding the curriculum, student life, and networking opportunities available at WIT School of Business,” he continues.

For students who choose to take these programmes (specialist MBS course and our MBS Internationalisation) full time, there will be a requirement to attend classes on two days per week from 2-9pm.

For those who are interested in part-time options, the programmes can be taken on one day per week (2-9pm) over a two year period.

In addition there may be occasional requirements for students to attend practitioner seminar sessions on Friday afternoons and these planned sessions will be co-ordinated as part of your overall timetable for the programme.

“This year in response to the pandemic, the School of Business will provide many of its executive programmes in blended mode with in-person classes complemented by online learning.

“While WIT’s students have taken programmes in the traditional manner in the past, the School of Business recognises that such a time commitment does not suit everyone or every business,” adds Prof Harrington.

For those interested in pursuing courses in internationalisation, WIT also offers the MBS Internationalisation course which is a double degree Masters programme with Brest Business School in France, which this year can also be taken in full or part-time mode.

For more about these events see www.wit.ie/events