Water supply at an all time low in Ballyhooly

Residents from Ballyhooly fill up their water supply from a tanker in the village.

Residents from Ballyhooly have been topping up their water tanks, toilet cisterns and drinking supplies from a tanker in the village as water pressure in the area reaches an all time low.

In efforts to preserve water supplies and to help build up water pressure locally, supplies to homes have been cut off during the night.

The issue in the Lios Árd Estate was raised in last week’s edition of The Avondhu but residents from Ard Abhainn and Gleann Ull have been in touch to say that their water supply is just as bad.

One lady said the current situation is a complete joke after attempting to give her three baby children a bath but couldn’t rinse them off because the water was gone and her tank was empty.

Another resident said they got in to their shower and couldn’t rinse the shampoo out of their hair because the water cut out.

The water tanker which is situated in the village has brought some relief to families however and Cllr Frank O’Flynn said he was delighted to see the tanker in place.

“It’s a short term solution and it will be replaced every 24 hours. In the longer term we’ll have to look at replacing the pipe coming from the reservoir and adding a booster to the system. I am delighted that Irish Water ceded to my request and positioned the tanker which holds 5000 gallons with four outlets in the village. I am now looking forward to seeing a comprehensive report and I want to see the best options available for Ballyhooly,” said Cllr O’Flynn.

A public meeting to discuss the water issue will be held in the Ballyhooly Community Centre on July 9 at 8pm.

All local representatives have been asked to attend.