Over eighty 6th year girls at Loreto Secondary School Fermoy and their family and friends were left extremely upset and angry last Thursday night when, during the girls' graduation Mass, Fr Mark Hehir in his homily, spoke strongly about saving the 8th amendment, having been asked to refrain from doing so.

Fr Hehir had been specifically asked not to mention the referendum during the Mass as the students and others felt that it was not an appropriate event, place or time to discuss the matter as they felt the night was such a special and memorable night for the girls before they sit their Leaving Cert next week and then go their separate ways next September. 

One parent who was at the mass to celebrate her daughter's graduation, said that as soon as Fr Hehir began his homily the atmosphere in the church (St Patrick's) changed.

“It was clear that people were very uncomfortable. A lot of people walked out as soon as he started,” she said.

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