Fermoy Municipal Authority have unanimously approved a number of speed limit changes within the district, while agreeing with recommendations by Cork County Council executives and An Garda Síochána to decline further requests from members of the public to make speed limit changes locally.

Presenting the 2016 Speed Limit Review at the May meeting of Fermoy Municipal Authority, senior executive engineer Brendan O’Gorman brought 13 speed change requests to elected representatives, some going back as far as 2012.

A number of the approved requests related to extending the existing speed limit within a built-up area, including within Castlelyons, Kildorrery, Clondulane and Rathcormac.

In these cases, the 50km/ph speed limit will be slightly extended before changing to 80km/ph speed limits.

In one instance, it was found that there is no speed limit within Bartlemy village, effectively having the default local road speed limit of 80km/ph.

“It’s a built up area, there is a school, there is a church, there is a community centre, there is also a new road surface down there, but there’s no speed limit there,” said Mr O’Gorman, whose suggestion of introducing a 50km/ph was approved.

Requests to decrease the speed limits within three housing estates – Abbey Farm Estate in Mitchelstown, Beechfield Estate in Fermoy and …

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