Putting their best foot forward are International diver Ollie Dingley, with Ciara O'Doherty, Fashion blogger and TV presenter at the launch of a survey from Mycosan Fungal Nail. (Picture: Naoise Culhane)

Get your socks off! That’s the message from Irish women in a survey from Mycosan Fungal Nail, as men wearing socks and sandals is considered the very worst fashion faux pas. 

The sock/sandal look was closely followed by the infamous ‘mun’ aka the man bun and the ‘too tight’ t-shirt in making Irish women call the fashion police.

Research also showed 58% of Irish men and women agree that fungal toenails are a huge turn off, with body odour (78%) and bad breath (71%) also topping the poll.

A further 28% said they would strongly consider not dating someone if they found out they had a fungal nail.

One in four of us will get fungal nail at some point, with men being up to three times more likely to have a fungal nail infection than women. An infected nail will not get better on its own; it must be treated!

Fungal nail can be both a painful and embarrassing problem as it creates discoloration, thickening and scaling of the nail.

Mycosan Fungal Nail, available from pharmacies nationwide, is proven effective and active against fungi that cause fungal nail.