Busy time for Devonshire Day organisers

Devonshire Day attendees, enjoying a tour of the gardens in Lismore Castle last Sunday. (Pic: John Ahern)

The IMMRAMA fundraiser, ‘Devonshire Day’ took place in Lismore Castle last Sunday. IMMRAMA as readers will know, is an annual travel writing festival, that takes place this year from 13th to 16th June.

Devonshire Day attendees were treated to refreshments in the comfortable surroundings of the castle – a setting that’s normally out of bounds to the public.

Organisers reported ‘heavy bookings’ for an event than ran from 11am to 4.30pm. The Devonshire Day experience also included an address by the castle’s butler, Denis Nevin, who regaled guests with the castle’s long history and accounts of famous figures who’ve visited the castle over the years.

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