Rising Stars at the Rising Sons Brewery

Head brewers Kieran Foley and Shane Murphy outside the Rising Sons Brewery in Cork. (Picture: Michael O'Sullivan / OSM PHOTO)

Rising Sons Brewery has once again been busy glowing in the recent accolades bestowed on them at the World Beer Awards in August 2019.

Dreamcatcher IPA won World’s Best Golden Ale in the Pale Beer Category while Sunbeam Lager took home Country Winner for the 3rd time and Grainú Ale took home its 3rd Gold medal and 2nd Country winner.

These awards take pride of place next to previous wins including A World’s Best, 14 Country Winners and 18 Gold Medals.

Cork has been steeped in the tradition of brewing for many years with commercial leaders such as Murphy’s and Beamish & Crawford having been born here.

However, today sees Cork’s home grown and completely local brewing stars take to the international stage with Rising Sons Brewery taking the lead in more ways than one.

Head Brewer Shane Murphy says: “Rising Sons is family owned, quality focused, traditional but imaginative, and a mix of the old and new. We won’t stop creating and bringing our unique flavours and offerings to the local community and further afield.

“These recent wins are just constant reminders that we’re doing something right but more importantly it’s our customers who are consistently supporting us and have us brewers working harder than ever before.”

Head brewers Kieran Foley and Shane Murphy at the Rising Sons Brewery. (Picture: Michael O’Sullivan / OSM PHOTO)

Conveniently located on the busy thoroughfare of the Coal Quay in Cork City, Rising Sons Brewery radiates a rock and roll, no-frills sentiment. At street level, amidst the aromas of hops and malts, a certain ambience lures you in, on passing the pubs doors.

Proud and knowledgeable staff are ready and willing to talk all things beer with you, whether you’re a hardcore beer aficionado or a newcomer to the beer scene.

Their ultimate goal is to find a beer that suits you and they offer tasters of their own brews, whether the usual favourites or their ever-popular seasonal brews, with this in mind.

In its five years of life, Rising Sons Brewery, has far exceeded its team’s expectations.

General manager Judy Wilkins said: “the brewing team are under severe pressure to fulfil an ever growing demand, and we are seeking innovative ways to meet this demand.”

Through various local partnerships and creative ideas, success seems to be the only way forward for this local business.

Excitement is growing

With plans afoot and planning permission granted for an additional brewery across the road excitement is growing for the expansion of this truly Cork, and yet humble, brewery. This further growth is indicative of the success of this craft brewery who remain loyal to its roots and its local ethos.

In order to assuage the demand, Rising Sons has confirmed that discussions are moving forward with third parties, who share the Brewery’s local ambitions and pride, to aid in meeting the demand for their beers.

Speaking about these partnerships, owner Benny McCabe said: “We’re in a really unique position as our five-year business plan that we came to the table with on day one has thrived exponentially and so we’re in discussions with 3rd parties who have the capacities to aid us in meeting the demands of some of our beers, while we plan future expansion.

“We believe in doing this, not only will it allow our brewery to grow, but It’s exciting to share our knowledge with these new partners and we look forward to unveiling the partnerships in the near future.

“And of course, our brewing team Shane Murphy and Kieran Foley will continue to take the lead in being as innovative and creative as they always have been with regard to these recipes – after all these recipes are born of love and passion in our brew house.”

Rising Sons Brewery is set to continue to grow in its home town of Cork, all the while ensuring Cork is once again on the international map for world domination.

These Rising Sons are surely the Rising Stars of the People’s Republic.