The magnificent Mitchelstown Castle, which no longer stands today, has been brought back to life in the form of a 6ft x 8ft scale model, thanks to local man Darren D’Arcy, who spent two and a half years making the comprehensive model of the castle in his spare time.

Mr D’Arcy said he had been making scale models for his son Zac and when he finished those he wanted a bigger challenge, his wife Yvonne suggested he try recreating Mitchelstown Castle.

This was a particularly difficult task for Mr D’Arcy to undertake, as he had no plans go by and no physical building to look at for reference. He spent a long time mapping out his plan before he began building.

“I started looking at old photographs on the internet. I discovered what a magnificent building Mitchelstown Castle was. I had a measurement of 106 feet for the entrance tower, I scaled it down 1:72. I worked out the windows from there and then worked around that,” he said.

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