Fionn’s Fight – can you help?

Fionn Doyle from Kildorrery, Co Cork.

Fionn Doyle is an amazing little 6-year-old boy from Kildorrery, Co Cork. He is just like any other little boy in Ireland who wants to play with his friends and be normal.

Unfortunately, when Fionn was just 18 months old – in 2013 – he was diagnosed with Leukemia. For more than 3 years he received treatment.

In 2017, Fionn was lucky enough to receive a bone marrow transplant which took. Fionn was beginning to get better, and preparing to come back to school to join all his friends in senior infants after a year’s absence.

Fionn is currently back up in Crumlin after becoming unwell again before Christmas. He is currently undergoing chemo in hope of going into remission to go to Manchester where he will hopefully be treated by specialists in a new trial.

The trial itself is funded but his family must pay for a range of things e.g. flights, accommodation and other living expenses for being in Crumlin and Manchester.

If you can help, your support would be very much appreciated for little Fionn. The following link will take you directly to the GoFundMe page –