Extra capacity for early morning 245 bus

Bus Éireann have confirmed that they will be basing an 83-seat double-decker bus in the Fermoy depot, which will mean extra capacity on the 6.10am Mitchelstown to Cork 245 bus route. This will be a permanent fixture from next Monday morning; however, there will be no further capacity added to the 7.05 route.

Bus Éireann confirmed the additional capacity to Rathcormac councillor William O’Leary earlier this week, who greeted the news with mixed sentiments.

“It’s certainly positive that they’ve provided extra capacity on that route, but the key route remains the 7.05am. It is a bit perplexing that they’re not looking at that service, but the extra capacity on the 6.15am might take the pressure off the later services. Arriving in Cork that early means it is a long day for students, but it is at least something.”

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