According to a recent study done by Eurostat, Ireland is the fourth most expensive country in the world for food and non-alcoholic drinks, and the second most expensive for alcoholic drinks.

With this in mind, iReach Insights conducted a nationally representative survey of 1,001 Irish adults on opinions on the price of food and drink in Ireland.

Overall, 9 in 10 adults (88%) believe Ireland is an expensive place to buy food and drink.

The top three food/drink categories consumers say are the most expensive are: 1. Alcohol (75%), 2. Meat (62%), and Fruits/Vegetables (36%).

The most frequently purchased categories are: 1. Fruits/Vegetables (69%), 2. Meat (54%), and 3. Breads/Cereals (53%). Males are twice as likely (23%) to frequently purchase alcohol than females (11%).

4 in 5 females (78%) frequently purchase fruits/vegetables, but only 3 in 5 males (60%) do.

The average amount spent each month on groceries per person was €182. The average spend for 18-34 year olds was €165, while for adults 35-54 years it is €188 and the average spend for those over 55 years is €192.

The regions in Ireland’s average spends were: €174 in Dublin, €162 in the rest of Leinster, €209 in Munster and €167 in Connacht/Ulster.

The top three things people would use their money on if food and drink wasn’t so expensive, were: 1. Savings (61%), 2. Holidays (56%), and 3. Home Improvements (42%).

The top three methods for keeping grocery costs down were: 1. Shop at cheaper stores (60%), 2. Look for coupons/savings (49%), and 3. Buy in bulk (47%).

9 in 10 Irish adults (91%) wish food and drink was less expensive in Ireland, with 3 in 5 (65%) saying Ireland should put laws in place to lower food and drink costs.

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