A group of men from 'The Desert Song' 1946. Lying on the ground is John Heffernan who played the Paris Daily Mail Correspondent. The man in the middle of the back row may be Eamon O'Sullivan as the Red Shadow. We don't know who his two henchmen are. Can you name them?

In recent times Fermoy Musical Society has come into possession of a marvellous set of old contact proofs of several shows staged by Fermoy Choral Society from 1936 to 1951.

These precious photos belonged to Mr Edmund Carroll and were kindly donated by his daughter, Valerie Carroll. The photographs were taken by local photographer Frank O’Brien. He would make a set of small proofs which cast members could look at. They could choose photos they liked and have a postcard – sized copy printed for the sum of one shilling and sixpence.

The male chorus from ‘The Arcadians’ 1947: Back l-r: Al Foley, —-, Cyril Fair? Charlie Burgess, ——-, Matt Flood, Paddy McCarthy, Andy McCarthy, Steve Ahern. Front seated: John Heffernan, ——,——-, ———. Can you fill in the missing names?

Though some of the photos were in poor condition, FMS enlisted the help of photographer Dermot Fitzgerald to restore them. The work is ongoing but we are delighted with the quality of what has been produced so far.

We can name many of the people in the photographs but many faces are unfamiliar to us. We hope to publish some of them over the next few weeks in this newspaper.

If you know any of the people, or have relations who you think may have been in some of these, please let us know.

You can contact Alison on 086-0615499 or Katherine on 086-1562782.