Toyota Ireland has launched a new website called to help Irish customers see just how much they could save by scrapping their diesel vehicle and making the move to a Toyota hybrid or petrol car.

The launch of the website coincides with Toyota’s upgrade to hybrid for free and trade in, trade up 181 promotions which make it even easier for customers to switch to hybrid or petrol. 

Toyota is the only brand launching a diesel scrappage scheme exclusive to hybrid where the diesel vehicle will have to be scrapped, delivering real societal benefits as hybrids emit up to 90% less NOx than diesel.

With the widest range of hybrids on offer, Toyota is helping to make life better in Ireland for both drivers and pedestrians.

Viewing the savings on offer couldn’t be easier. Firstly, users can see how much their current car is costing them each year by simply entering the registration of a vehicle on the website. In an instant, they can see how much could be saved by driving a Toyota.

The website, powered by Cartell, uses a range of factors such as depreciation, road tax, NCT costs, fuel economy and servicing when calculating the savings.

Thousands of Irish drivers are already experiencing vast benefits, having made the switch to hybrid.

Michael Gaynor, Marketing Director at Toyota commented, “We see the market at a tipping point where a move out of diesel accelerates as people want to protect the future resale value of their vehicle though buying a hybrid or petrol powertrain. It’s why Toyota Financial Services, our new financial services partner, has revised downwards its Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) on diesel vehicles and increased the GFV on hybrids so the gap is now 6% in favour of hybrids”.