Pensioner’s home pelted with eggs

Elizabeth McCarthy pictured cleaning her windows after her house was pelted with eggs on Hallowe'en night. (Picture: Jamie O’Flaherty)

A pensioner woke recently to discover the windows of her home, front and rear, had been pelted with eggs.

74-year-old Elizabeth McCarthy from St Bernard’s Terrace, Fermoy said she heard a bang during the night but only realised what it was the following morning.

“I was very upset to find such a mess. I kept asking myself why are they picking on me? I live alone, my husband passed away some time ago, so maybe that’s why they decided to throw eggs at my house,” said Ms McCarthy.

The incident happened at approximately 11pm on Tuesday night of Hallowe’en. Ms McCarthy said she was in bed at the time but heard a loud crashing sound.

When she awoke the following morning, she discovered that eggs had been thrown at the patio doors and windows of her home.

“It is still very upsetting. I go for walks to sort myself out, and to put it out of my mind. I hope it doesn’t happen again,” she said.