The festive season will be officially kicked off in Mitchelstown at 5pm on Saturday, November 25 as hundreds of people are expected to flock to see the Christmas lights switch on.

For many, Christmas doesn’t officially begin until the festive lights are turned on and excitement is growing as we wait to see who will have the honour of flipping the all-important festive switch, lighting up the shopping streets for the Christmas season.

Again this year, Mitchelstown Business Association has teamed up with the Lions Club to host the festive extravaganza.

Extra lights have been purchased and other decorations and bits and embellishments been added to the existing festive decor.


This Sunday, November 12, the busy organising committee will erect the Christmas lights at 8am, and again they really need a few volunteers on the ground to direct traffic, while Santa's helpers hang the lights.

If you are over 18 and willing to help out, you can contact any MBA member or call to Claudia at the Pizza House or Maura at O’Sullivan’s Toys.