Tallow Horse Fair – falling into place and going with the flow

VERLINGS OUT IN FORCE: Jane Verling from Castlelyons, on board her pony, 'Vicky', in the company of her sister, Amy and cousins, Peter and William Verling, at Monday's Tallow Horse Fair. (Pic: John Ahern)

Maybe we’re all overthinking things. For a ‘free’ event that has no officers, no executive and no committee overseeing it, Tallow Horse Fair seems to do just fine.

When you factor in, it needs no promotion and that several thousand people still turn up, it can be best described as a phenomenon with a life of its own.

Tallow Horse Fair took place last Monday, in the same format that has served it so well for so long. The usual coterie of characters – horses, their owners, potential buyers and casual traders, were all in attendance, along with a supporting cast of curious onlookers. The unseasonably fine weather, helped swell the attendance to pre-Covid numbers. 

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