Residents from Stag Park in Mitchelstown have been left devastated after the children’s playground in the estate was vandalised for the fifth time in just two months.

Staff from Cork County Council were forced to lock the playground earlier this week after residents discovered traces of excrement smeared across slides and other amenities that children use daily at the estate’s playground.

Cllr June Murphy said she was ‘appalled’ by the nature of the vandalism and expressed her disappointment to the Avondhu.

“Knowing how hard the people from Stag Park worked to ensure the children from the area had such a lovely facility, and only to see this type of behaviour is very disappointing. It is very unfair to the residents, the children and the workers from Cork County Council who have to clean up such an awful mess.

“There is such a great community in Stag Park with some fantastic people living there and they should’t have to put up with this type of behaviour. The suspicion is that the culprits are not from the estate,” added Cllr Murphy.

Anyone with information on the matter should contact Mitchelstown Garda Station at (025) 84833.