Shoppers are being warned to keep a close eye on their bank accounts, with a number of people from counties Cork and Tipperary recently being subjected to debit/credit card fraud, particularly during the run up to Christmas.

The victims of the card fraud had their debit cards targeted by online fraudsters who used their cards to purchase goods online from American based websites. The fraudsters start off by taking a small amount from a victim's account and if it goes unnoticed, they will get daring and increase the spending on the card.

Banks have been very vigilant, making contact with those affected immediately and placing a freeze on their card to prevent further fraudulent transactions from taking place.


Keep your card in a safe place at all times – report it to your bank immediately if it is lost or stolen; Keep your PIN safe – do not write it down, do not keep it with your card and do not give it to anyone.

Cover your PIN when making in-store purchases or using an ATM; Keep your card in sight when paying for goods or services; If you are expecting a card or a PIN in the post and it does not arrive, notify your card issuer immediately.

Sign any new cards as soon as they arrive from your bank or card issuer. Ensure that you cut up the old cards as soon as the new ones become valid.


If you are a victim of a debit or credit card scam or as soon as you notice something is not right, then take action. Get in touch with your bank immediately. Try to retrace your steps if you recently used the card somewhere you don’t normally. Try to remember if there was any time when you were not in control of your card or if it was taken out of your sight in order for a payment to be processed.

It is worth noting that card skimming may not necessarily have occurred in the very recent past and weeks and months may pass before any unlawful transactions are carried out on the accounts of the injured parties.