Residents from the Ard Mhuileann Estate in Mitchelstown are said to be deeply concerned and angry as they wait for what they believe is an hydraulic fluid spillage to be cleaned on roadways in their estate – one week after the incident occurred.

Resident Amanda Donegan contacted The Avondhu and said that some estates in the town are treated differently to others and, had the spillage occurred elsewhere, 'it would have been cleaned sooner'.

Ms Donegan said the spillage happened over a week ago and while the fluid was covered over with a sawdust type material pretty promptly, nobody has returned to clean up the mess since.

“It’s there a good week now. People are driving and walking through it and taking the hydraulic fluid everywhere. One resident even saw the sheen on the road all the way to ALDI. First we had sewerage flowing through the estate and now we have this. It isn’t good enough,” Ms Donegan said.