Rathcormac proves to be a great friend of Marymount

A group of local volunteers in Rathcormac have held another very successful fundraiser for Marymount Hospice.

As in previous years the format is the tried and trusted coffee morning which was held in Rathcormac Community Centre. 

True to form local bakers came up with a delicious selection of cakes, tarts, buns and scones – all of which were thoroughly enjoyed by the large crowd. 

Those who take time out to support this coffee morning are well aware of the outstanding work done by the management and staff of Marymount. Everyone who comes through their doors is afforded the utmost respect and this is greatly appreciated by next of kin. 

Proceeds from the coffee morning (€3,600) were handed over to Doreen Walsh in Barry's Bar, Rathcormac last Friday evening.

Doreen thanked all those who helped make the fundraiser such a great success.