Premium brand – DS Automobiles arrives to Irish shores

This week, Gowan Distributors, DS Automobiles Importer in Ireland, has officially launched the all-new DS Automobiles line up to the Irish press. Current models on offer include DS 3 CROSSBACK, available in petrol, diesel and all-electric (E-TENSE) powertrains and DS 7 CROSSBACK, available in petrol, diesel and plug-in Hybrid (E-TENSE) versions.

Later this year will also see the launch of the all-new DS 9 saloon followed by a fourth model, the all-new DS 4 which will introduce a new generation of avant-garde design.


Charismatic, powerful and sensual, DS 7 CROSSBACK immediately reveals its personality and the elegance contrasts visibly within its design.

The horizontal chrome DS WINGS on the front face conveys a sense of prestige with their strong, well balanced lines. It fully expresses the vehicle’s nobility, performance and charismatic character. The new diamond-effect grille sports a hexagonal surround of dynamic lines, with the DS emblem taking up a prominent stance in the centre.

The modelled bonnet features subtle ribbing in the centre. The sharp edges of the front and rear wings sculpt the sides to enhance the muscular beauty of this SUV. The wraparound tailgate offers a clean aspect of the majestic rear.

The interior of DS 7 CROSSBACK is a chic, contemporary vehicle, that reflects the expertise of all at DS Automobiles. Reflecting the thinking behind DS design with the concept of ever-greater personalisation, DS 7 CROSSBACK is available with a choice of three interior ambiences.

These three ‘Inspirations’ reflect the lifestyles and expectations of each customer. Celebrating Paris, birthplace of the DS brand, the ‘Inspirations’ are named Opéra, Rivoli and Performance Line – an ‘Inspiration’ for those with a Grand Tourer mind-set.



DS Automobiles is continuing with its electrification strategy. DS 7 CROSSBACK offers an E-TENSE 4×4 (4-wheel drive, 300 horsepower plug-in hybrid), and a new DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 225 model.

Alongside the E-TENSE hybrid versions, DS 7 CROSSBACK is available with a choice of 2 powerful, highly-efficient, high-torque internal combustion engines, and also premieres the new-generation Efficient Automatic Transmission with 8-speeds (EAT8). Petrol power unit: 1.2 PureTech 130 Automatic as well as a 1.5 BlueHDi 130 Automatic diesel unit.

Cutting edge technology: DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 225

Boosted by experience gained in Formula E since 2015 and supported by Jean Eric Vergne 2019 Formula E Champion, and Antonio Felix da Costa 2020 Formula E Champion, electrification is continuing to expand into the DS Automobiles range.

DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 225 has a 180 horsepower petrol engine (Euro 6.3 emissions standard) with 300Nm of torque, backed up by a 110 horsepower electric motor fitted straight to the eight-speed automatic gearbox.

At start-up only the electric motor is used, enabling zero emissions mode driving up to 135km/h. The driver can then choose hybrid mode which optimises energy use, or sport mode which summons all the available power (225 horsepower and 360Nm combined).

The 13.2kWh battery, located beneath the floor has a range of up to 55km (WLTP standard) or up to 72km (WLTP low speed standard) in electric mode. CO2 emissions are between 31 and 36g/km and fuel consumption is between 1.4 and 1.6 litres/100km (WLTP). At high speed, fuel consumption is between 6.1 and 6.5 litres/100km, according to the test equipment.

The battery is charged while driving thanks to a system that benefits from the developments and experience that DS has acquired in Formula E. An operating reserve enables the battery to continue supplying the electric motor if it’s required. The petrol engine is also used to charge the battery.

DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 225 generates electrical energy during deceleration and braking in order to increase its range. Another function, called “E-SAVE” meanwhile enables it to keep enough energy for 100% electric driving over the final 10 or 20 kilometres of a journey, or to have a battery that’s fully charged.

As with other DS Automobiles electric models, DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 225 comes with two charging cables (regular mode 2 for occasional charging at a standard plug and 7.4kW mode 3 for charging the battery from 0 to 100% in just 1h45 at a wall box).

All this can be controlled through an app or on the 12-inch screen in the middle of the dashboard. It is also possible to program or start pre-warming remotely.

The DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4×4 provides 300 hp and four-wheel drive with up to 58 km of range when in 100% electric mode, 30 g of CO2 emitted per kilometre travelled and an average petrol consumption of 1.3 l per 100 km, as per the WLTP cycle.


Developed in France, this technology has been brought to bear in the most refined SUV in the segment. The 200 hp PureTech engine is supported by two electric motors that provide 110 hp (at the front) and 112 hp (at the rear) respectively.

They’re linked to a 8-speed automatic gearbox providing a combined power of 300 hp and 520 Nm of torque distributed by a four-wheel drive transmission. You can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.9 seconds, and 1000 m in 25.9 seconds from a standing start.

The driver can choose different driving modes to make the most of the vehicle’s torque or to drive in ‘zero emission’ mode, which allows you to travel up to 58 kilometres (WLTP) fully electric, thanks to the 13.2 kWh battery.

The DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4×4 can get to 135 km/h in this mode, which is 100% electric. ‘Hybrid’, ‘sport’ and ‘4-wheel drive modes are also on offer.

As it’s a rechargeable hybrid model, the DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4×4 can charge its battery from 0 to 100% at a dedicated 7.5kw wall charger in two hours. The battery can also be charged as you drive thanks to an advanced energy regeneration system modelled on the one used during DS’s title-winning seasons in Formula E.

With its engines and a perfectly positioned battery, the DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4×4 provides exactly the same amount of interior space than the other models in the range.

The charismatic style and refinement that DS is known for is exploited to the full with the unique choice of material such as Alcantara, grained or Nappa leather and beautiful signature touches such as Point Perle stitching and Clous de Paris guilloché patterns.

However, the technology on offer isn’t just limited to propulsion systems. The DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4×4 provides DS CONNECTED PILOT, which is a level 2 autonomous driving system, DS ACTIVE SCAN SUSPENSION, an electrically controlled vibration damper, DS PARK PILOT to allow you to park without needing to touch the steering wheel and DS SAFETY, which brings together all the safety elements required for driving in today’s world.

Approved model in the WLTP cycle: DS 7 CROSSBACK E-TENSE 4×4, 300 hp, 4-wheel drive, 19” wheels (T&N)

  • CO2 emissions: 31 grams/km
  • Fuel consumption: 1.3 litres/100 km
  • 100% electric range of 58 kilometres
  • 0 to 100 km/h: 5.9 seconds


Irish prices for DS 7 CROSSBACK start from €42,695 (on the road price, including delivery charges, excluding metallic paint) and offers customers three grades to choose from: Performance Line, Performance Line+ and top of the range Prestige spec.



Pushing back the limits, DS 3 CROSSBACK is a vehicle of distinctive styling and exceptional proportions, available in 100% electric version E-TENSE, featuring exclusive technologies and unique refinement. Built on an all-new Platform, it opens new horizons in both technology and styling.

DS 3 CROSSBACK is both a city car and a long-distance road car. Pushing conventions aside, it opts for spectacular technologies including DS MATRIX LED VISION headlights, flush door handles that deploy automatically and a fully digital driving display.

These avant-garde features go hand in hand with a sense of refined comfort, a rich array of safety equipment and driver assistance functions (like autonomous driving, level2) and unrivalled acoustic excellence.

Elegant and attractive, DS 3 CROSSBACK is for all those looking for a car with instant appeal that is stylish and dynamic.

DS 3 CROSSBACK is identifiable at first glance as a premium, compact SUV, with its well-proportioned length of 4.12m, broad on-road stance and large wheels (690mm, 18’’), as well as its ground clearance.

At the front, the DS WINGS form a finely chiselled setting for the sculpted, vertical lines of the emblematic DS grille. The DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) with their pearl-like vertical LEDs and the tapered headlights of the DS MATRIX LED VISION system suggest a contemporary edge and performance. An impression reinforced by the wide ribbed horizontal bonnet.

Attention-to-detail is a hallmark of the DS brand and is visible everywhere in the DS 3 CROSSBACK, starting with the vehicle exterior:

  • non-visible weather-strip seals
  • elegant flush-fitting door handles
  • roof line is clean, with no visible antenna
  • roof and body in different colours
  • side shark fin
  • chrome-finished twin exhaust tailpipes (ICE engine models only)

The rear sits squarely on the road, its broad, powerful shoulders striking an evocative note of imposing style. It is also elegant with a high-tech rear light signature spanning the entire width through a strip featuring the CROSSBACK name.

The modern, contemporary interior features a 10.3” screen to manage navigation, the multimedia interface and DS connectivity. The 12 FOCAL Electra® speakers are positioned around the cabin for an ideally balanced sound system.

Loyal to the DNA of DS styling, DS 3 CROSSBACK is available with four interior personalisation options: Opera, Rivoli, Bastille and top spec Performance Line. Each grade is inspired by Paris and known as the DS Inspirations.


Efficient and powerful engines

A city car and a road car by nature, DS 3 CROSSBACK is the first car to feature the latest upgrade of the PureTech with a 155 hp petrol engine mated to the EAT8 (Efficient Automatic Transmission with 8-speeds). A powertrain built for performance and pleasure.

Two other PureTech engines (130 and 100 hp) complete the range of petrol engines compatible with the latest Euro 6.3 standards. A BlueHDi, diesel engine in 110 hp output, is also available from launch.

DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE: 100% Electric

With DS 3 CROSSBACK, the dream of a stylish electric vehicle becomes a reality. This vehicle with distinctive and bold styling is also available with an all-electric motor offering advanced performance. It delivers a 320km range – WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure) with a function to charge the battery to 80% in 30 minutes. This advanced level of performance does not detract from interior space, since the batteries are placed under the floor.

The electric drivetrain of DS 3 CROSSBACK E-TENSE comprises:

  • an electric motor of 100 kW/136 hp
  • a 50kWh lithium-ion battery under the floor
  • a regenerative braking and deceleration system
  • a charging system which allows all the charging solutions available on the market (home, Wallbox and a 100 kW ultra-fast)
  • a new-generation heat pump for climate control in the cabin.
  • A system delivering high standards of performance:
  • range of 320 kms (WLTP cycle)
  • up to 20% regenerated energy when braking in the city,
  • torque of 260 Nm
  • 0 to 50kmph in 3.3 seconds and 0 to 100kmph in 8.7 seconds
  • five hours for a full charge with a Wallbox of 11kW and 80% of the battery in 30 minutes with a 100kW public fast charging solution (9 km per min).


Irish prices for DS 3 CROSSBACK start from €28,990 (on the road price, including delivery charges, excluding metallic paint) and offers customers three grades to choose from: Elegance, Performance Line and top of the range Performance Line+.

First Irish DS Store

Gowan Distributors, DS Automobiles Importer in Ireland, has announced the launch of the first DS retailer. The DS Store Dublin, located at Gowan Motors on Navan Road in Dublin 15 will open shortly.

For now, customers can register their interest for DS models on the website:

Commenting at the launch, Des Cannon, Managing Director at Gowan Distributors, DS Automobiles Importer in Ireland said: “We are absolutely thrilled to bring a new premium brand – DS Automobiles to the Irish market. And, while today sees the launch of two fantastic models: DS 3 and DS 7, the DS model range is set for a major expansion in the coming year, with the launch of the all-new DS 9 luxury saloon, and the all-new DS 4 model, and further two models launching by 2022.

“The DS Automobiles brand has a strong investment in electrification, offering customers a 100% electrified range from its inception in 2019, and from 2025 DS Automobiles it will sell solely E-TENSE models (BEV and PHEV).

“I am certain that a strong product line up, coupled with our committed retail partner – Gowan Motors, will see the DS Automobiles brand excel in the Irish market over the years to come.”