There was great reason for celebration in Clogheen this week with the news that planning permission has been received for the construction of a hospice suite at St Theresa’s Hospital.

After some difficult months the local group who worked tirelessly on the project released the following statement to bring everyone up-to-date on the plans and likely construction timescale ahead.

“As it has been over two years now since our presentation night, we are absolutely delighted to announce that planning permission was granted on Monday last (10th April) for St Theresa’s Hospital Clogheen.

“During this time members of CHS Construction Fund Committee have been put in the spotlight on many occasions by the public wondering what the delay is when the money has been raised, along with such questions as where is the money gone and what is it exactly that’s going to be built.”

The group went on to explain that there was a lot of red tape involved with an amount of hurdles to overcome. €140,330.93 was raised and it was agreed to build extra rooms including two private rooms and a private single hospice room.

Work for phase 1A will go out to tender to different builders in the coming weeks and hopefully by mid June, a builder will be awarded the contract with the intention of commencing construction during the summer months and completing it by the end of 2017.

“We look forward to the coming months to eventually seeing a result for all your generosity and will inform you all of any further updates as we go along”