Opening night this Friday for Brideview Drama

Sean Ahern and Emma Walsh rehearsing a scene from 'The Father'.

Brideview Drama Tallow’s production of ‘The Father’ by Florian Zeller opens this weekend in Tallow Community Centre.

This compelling play gives an insight into the distressing experiences of a person suffering with dementia. The audience will experience confusion, anxiety, deep sadness and frustration as they look at the world through André’s eyes and watch the despair and difficult decisions which face the family members who are caring for him. 

The very well known local actor Sean Ahern takes on this demanding but wonderful role and portrays the character of André with great skill and subtlety. He is joined on stage by another well known actress, Emer Peet, who plays André’s daughter, Anne. Emer and Sean were both cast members of Brideview’s production of ‘Stolen Child’ in 2018 which finished 2nd in the All-Ireland finals. 

Philip Peet will play the role of Pierre, Anne’s partner. In this play, Pierre shows the anger and frustration that comes with caring for a person with dementia. He is resentful of André at times as he can see the negative effect that his condition is having on Anne, but also on their relationship as a couple. It is a constant source of strain between them.

Marie Barry plays the role of Laura, André’s carer. Emma Walsh plays the role of ‘Woman’ and Gavin Hallahan plays the role of ‘Man’. The significance of these characters will be revealed as the play unfolds. 

Sean Ahern rehearsing with Philip Peet for Brideview’s upcoming production of ‘The Father’.

Jack Aherne is once again at the helm of this production and he has ensured that the cast are very well prepared, ready to hit the ground running when the festival circuit begins. 

Brideview Drama will travel to eight festival competitions throughout the country during the month of March with hopes of picking up a few awards along the way. 

The production opens in Tallow this weekend on Friday 10, Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 at 8pm in Tallow Community Centre. The tickets will be available at the door each night – there is no booking system for this production. Tickets €12.