Maintenance Tips for Alloy Wheels: Keep Them Looking Great

Photo by Reiss kelly-Alder on Unsplash

Alloy wheels look great, especially when they are new, offering a sleek and stylish appearance to even an ‘ordinary’ car. But they do require a little more care than sturdy (but, let’s be honest, not nearly as pretty) steel wheels. But this care need not be expensive or time-consuming.

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It won’t take you any longer to look after your car than it does now, but you will draw envious eyes as you drive along your regular commute!

No Abrasives

While steel wheels can take a scrubbing, alloy wheels can easily become scratched or scraped by overly rough treatment. Avoid using scrubbing brushes or abrasive cleaning sponges on your alloys, if possible. Instead, wet the alloys with a hose – which can work to wash off loose debris and grime – and then use a detergent with a soft sponge to rub off any stubborn stains or marks.

Use Propriety Products

If you can find products designed for use with alloy wheels, choose those over steel wheel cleaners which can strip the finish off an alloy wheel. Use the proprietary alloy products according to the instructions on the bottle, and always use soft sponges, soft bristle brushes or clean rags to apply the cleaner or remove the debris afterwards.

Do take care that you are not picking up grit and smearing that all over your alloys – this can cause scratches and blemishes.

Use Natural Cleansers (With Care)

White vinegar is a great all-round cleaner and should not strip off the shine on your alloys. However, with any natural cleaning product – if you are trying to be greener in your cleaning – make sure you test the product on a small, unobtrusive place before committing to using the product on the whole wheel.

Look for discolouration, dimming of shine, changes of texture and so on – ideally, there should be none of these, so make sure you can check out your test patch thoroughly.

Protective Coat FTW

Finally, after each thorough cleaning, protect your alloy wheels by using a finishing protective coat that will repel dust and dirt, keeping your alloys looking great and allowing longer periods between cleanings. These products also make it easier to clean the wheels when it is cleaning time, so they can be a double win for you.