Card and Apple Pay on its way for Fermoy Pay Parking

Motorists in Fermoy will finally be able to pay for their parking using card and Apple Pay at local pay parking machines. Five pay parking machines within Fermoy town are to receive upgrades during the coming weeks to facilitate credit card and Apple pay at the machines.

News of the upgrades to machines was widely welcomed this week as elected members heard of the upgrades at Tuesday’s meeting of the Fermoy Municipal District.

Cllr Noel McCarthy described it as a ‘great success’ as the matter had been raised at a number of previous meetings. “We’re always pushing for it because that’s what we’ve been getting back from people who use the car parks and on street car parking was they wouldn’t have money or change in their pocket.

“Having the facility now, I think it will be very very welcome and I can see other machines following from the success of this,” Cllr McCarthy said.

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