The second organised gathering to enhance and restore Kilcrumper Old Cemetery outside Fermoy to its former glory saw, what was described by organisers as, a great turnout on Saturday last.

With the weather cooperating, those to arrive first were on site bright and early, the day running from 9am until 4pm that afternoon. John Fenton, one of the organisers, expressed his satisfaction with the progress to date.

“Thanks to everyone that turned up, everyone seemed to have another great day and many new friends were made. We got about 40 graves cleaned and re stoned with chips, cleaned all the Ivy off the entrance gate near the cottage and cleaned all the weeds of the inside and outside of the wall. When you go in either gate now, it is obvious the work that has been done.”

Volunteers helping out with the Kilcrumper cemetery clean-up. (Photos courtesy Michael Daly Jnr)


Having being one of those to campaign earlier this year for maintenance work to commence at Kilcrumper old cemetery, Jerry Keating from Kilworth told The Avondhu this week that he was blown away by the transformation to the site when he visited on Saturday last.

“I would like to publically thank every man and woman in helping to restore Kilcrumper back to what it was. I’m blown away by the work undertaken by all those volunteering and can’t get over the quality of the work. Their skill and team work, and to see the joy they’re getting out of it.

“People power has won the day here and I shook many hands with those present when I visited, thanking everyone for their efforts. I would especially like to thank John Fenton, historian Christy Roche for coming on board with the historical side of things, as well as The Avondhu for publicising the poor condition of the graveyard.”


Financing the operation, for the provision of necessary materials, John Fenton stated that all financial donations would be much appreciated.

“Brendan O’Meara and his brothers are sponsoring another load of chippings, which we will aim to work with on Saturday 30th. We are very thankful to Brendan for this. Any sponsorship we can get would be appreciated as every load of chips and the underlay is costing about €500, so money is becoming an issue, any help here would be appreciated”.

A draw was held for all the people that turned up on Saturday, with Noreen Doody giving the prizes as she is doing the ladies marathon to raise funds for Kilcrumper – many thanks Noreen.

The lucky names drawn from the bucket on Saturday were Bridget O’Driscoll, winning the Centra hamper, while Michael Brennock won the Carmel’s Hair Salon voucher. Again, thanks are expressed to the sponsors and to all the many helpers.


The enthusiasm is such, that many people are looking to help again this Saturday 23rd, however the next ‘official’ clean-up day is planned for Saturday, September 30th.