A call has been made on the Minister for Health, Simon Harris and the HSE to definitively commit to funding the remainder of the works that are required at St Theresa’s Hospital, Clogheen.

Minister Harris visited St Theresa’s Hospital in Clogheen last October to meet staff and to view plans for a proposed major upgrade and extension at the hospital but Deputy Mattie McGrath says it is now way past the time for the HSE to sanction the additional funding required to to complete the building works at the hospital.

“He promised then that he would go back to the HSE and make the case for final funding for the extension works, new bedrooms, staff accommodation etc. To date however, we have had no definitive commitment that the urgent funding that is required will be provided. It is being entirely left to massive fundraising efforts such as those organised by the Friends of St Theresa’s Hospital, Clogheen Hospice Suite Construction Fund (CHSCF) and Boston Scientific.”

Deputy McGrath added that while the efforts of the fundraising groups are truly heroic, it is way past time that the HSE sanctioned the additional funding that will draw the project to a successful conclusion.

“It is absolutely staggering to me, that the Government of which Minister Harris is a key member, can find €5 million to fund a spin unit for the Taoiseach, but it cannot find the resources necessary for an amazing hospital like St Theresa’s that has dedicated staff who work tirelessly for the community they serve."