Gardai complimented on increased patrols


Gardai complimented on increased patrols

A new Garda strategy, based on the N72 and N25 routes, is proving effective in combatting crime in the West Waterford area.

Thursday, 14 March 2013
3:45 AM GMT

Gardai in Lismore were complimented at a recent meeting of the Joint Policing Committee in the town on the increased number of cars patrolling the area. “I never saw as many patrol cars,” Councillor Orla Russell commented. Garda Sergeant Gerry Maloney said it was part of a new strategy that the N72 and N25 routes be patrolled more. “It’s working, there’s been no burglaries in Lismore this year,” he pointed out.


Mary O’Brien told the meeting the new text alert system was working well. Messages are sent from Gardai to coordinators and they pass them on. Cllr. Jan Rotte asked how effective the system is – “Very” Sgt. Maloney said. He explained that when a burglary happens, they notify the coordinators and it heightens awareness so that people are more vigilant. “It’s about the Gardai and people working together,” he said.

Cllr. Russell asked if there was any protection against door-to-door selling, as some callers were very forceful and people, particularly elderly people, felt intimidated. Sgt. Maloney asked that people let them know if such people are about. “If we know we can at least check them out, check if they have permits,” he said.

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