The two bags of refuse dumped in the river at Ballyhooly bridge.

A local fisherman has recalled how he came upon a brazen act of illegal dumping in Ballyhooly in which bags of household rubbish were thrown in the Blackwater River.

The incident occurred at around 10.30pm on Friday night while the fisherman was along the river and packing up to go home.

He told The Avondhu he noticed a vehicle pulled up along the bridge over the river and a male stepped out.

“He came up with his people carrier, stopped on the bridge, got out and opened the side door. He caught the first bag and threw it in. He got the second bag and dropped it over the bridge, the minute he did that I turned on my lamp – I had a head lamp on – and I shouted ‘Gotcha!’ He got back in his people carrier and took off like a bullet,” he told The Avondhu.

Such was the speed at which the male drove off, coupled with the fact the light was fading and the perpetrator hadn’t turned his lights on, the fisherman was unable to get the number on the licence plate, although it was certain that he managed to considerably frighten the miscreant.

This incident is just the latest to highlight the open nature in which people are illegally dumping their rubbish locally.