Electric and plug-in hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular with more models to choose from than ever before.

There are now over 1200 public access charge points available across Ireland, however the process of charging an electric car is quite different to putting fuel in a normal petrol or diesel-powered car.

In this video we demonstrate how to charge the VolkswagenPassat GTE, which is a plug-in hybrid car, at a local ESB ecars quick charge point in Dublin. 

Electric and Plug in stats reveal the following;

– So far in 2016, over two times more new plug-in electric cars have been sold than 2015  – Source: SIMI

  • Electric car sales in 2016 also look set to surpass 2015 sales
  • Carzone’s most-searched electric car in November was the Nissan Leaf
  • Carzone’s most-searched plug-in hybrid car in November was the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
  • Tesla Motors is due to open its first store in Ireland in 2017

How to charge your electrical vehicle: