Crew Blu make history at Fermoy Regatta

Crew Blu members from Tribesmen Rowing Club competing on the Blackwater at the recent Fermoy Regatta. (Photo: Deirdre Casolani)

History was made at last month’s Fermoy Regatta, as on the Blackwater that weekend, it is believed that for the first time ever in the country, there was a category in a regatta for individuals with learning and intellectual disabilities.

The courageous Crew Blu, a team from Tribesmen Rowing Club in Galway, took to the Blackwater as one of the most anticipated rowing events of the season got underway, with the western crew setting a precedent for regattas around the country.

Sabrina O’Carroll from the Galway club, explained that different groups from Crew Blu in the club competed against one another at the Fermoy Regatta, providing an opportunity for their members to experience regatta rowing.

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