On site work on the social housing development of 52 houses at Crann Ard, Pike Road, Fermoy is due to begin in January 2019 according to the Housing Director for Cork County Council, Maurice Manning. 

The announcement was made following a motion brought forward by Cllr Frank O’Flynn at the Northern Committee Meeting on Monday last in Mallow. 

Cllr O’Flynn felt that there has been so many delays in the project thus far, that he asked the Housing Director to give confirmation of the expected start date and an approximate time line for this ‘much needed’ housing development. 

Mr Manning confirmed that the contracts have been signed by the contractor and that the workers will be on site in January of 2019. 

Mr Manning said he expects the project will take approximately 18 months. 

Although Cllr O’Flynn and his fellow councillors were delighted with the news, Cllr O’Flynn said “I won’t believe it until I see it!”