Fermoy Municipal Authority say ongoing concerns over dumping near the bottle bank across from Beechfield Estate in Fermoy will be forwarded to the Environment Department in Cork County Council, though attempts to find a more suitable location for the bottle bank have proved unsuccessful.

Cllr Frank O’Flynn raised the issue on behalf of local residents at the November meeting of Fermoy Municipal Authority. “There is a problem with the bottle bank up in Beechfield, they’re feeling that it’s overflowing. Some of the debris is being left on the footpaths there.”

In support, Cllr Deirdre O’Brien said ‘noise from the collections is the big issue’.

Pauline Moriarty, Municipal District Officer, said that these concerns have been raised before, and though there has been discussions over moving the bottle bank to a new location in the area, they failed to come up with one. Cllr Frank O’Flynn proposed that CCTV cameras are installed on a pilot basis ‘because it is a major concern for people’.

Ms Moriarty said she would refer this suggestion to the Environment Department for consideration. “There’s quite a lot of dumping going on. Someone told me a turkey was left there last year,” Cllr O’Flynn added.