A range of issues, serious and otherwise, are vented through the medium of The Avondhu – many are from ‘irate callers’ and ‘concerned citizens’. Frequently, this anger abates and the controversy soon slips from public attention. 

It’s rare enough to encounter subject matter that prompts direct and effective action from citizens – it’s even rarer to see an entire community mobilised in common cause to correct what they view as unacceptable.

From about 9am on Saturday morning last, the normally tranquil surroundings of Kilcrumper Old Cemetery were disturbed with the sounds of machinery and grass cutting equipment. And the most recent news is that the practice will be repeated on Saturday, 16th of September followingh a meeting on Tuesday night.

The gate will be open at nine on the 16th and the organisers are suggesting that people can come and go as they want so, in other words, no start and no finish time.

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