Comedian Ger Carey pays a visit to Friars’ Gate, Kilmallock on this Friday (21st) when he will perform his new show ‘The Fridge is Empty’ and he will be followed on Sunday night (23rd) by the legendary Johnny McEvoy.

Ger Carey is vack and, after years of hiding in hedges observing people, he claims he has all the answers! Answers to questions like, why do we think we know the lyrics to songs when we’re drunk? What’s it like to be subjected to a drive-by slagging? Why do teenagers start dancing when they hear a car alarm? What’s it like at an ISIS comedy gig? Why does the US have a smoking ban on death row?

When someone asks for directions but we don’t know, why do we try anyway? What would happen if people could name their racehorses anything they like? What is it about teenagers that make you want to throw darts at them? Why do your knees go first? And most importantly, why is the fridge always empty?!

An Evening with Johnny McEvoy

Johnny McEvoy returns to Kilmallock on Sunday, 23rd October. A truly nostalgic evening in store on Sunday night with songs and stories that feature all of Johnny McEvoy’s many hit songs’, including ‘Muirsheen Durkin, ‘Boston Burglar’, ‘Those Brown Eyes’, ‘Long Long Before Your Time’ and many more.

His songs are haunting, evocative and beautifully presented with many in the folk and ballad style.

Johnny McEvoy has been one of the most enduring and talented singer/songwriters in these islands over the past 50 years. His concert performance is second to none with his songs beautifully delivered in truly artistic fashion and story-telling of the finest order.

Tickets €27.50. Both shows 8pm, bookings 063-98727 or