Castle setting for local book launch

Author of 'The Mystery Of Sheela Na Gig', Sheila O'Keeffe, pictured with her good friends, Kate Lewis (Mitchelstown) and Mary Hayes (Fermoy) at last Sunday's book launch in Blackwater Castle, Castletownroche. (Pic: John Ahern)

Sheila O’Keeffe, along with husband, Patrick and daughter, Moya are an ordinary, hardworking family – a little less ordinary is their unique address, Blackwater Castle, Castletownroche, County Cork. 

Castles hold a special place in all our imaginations and living in one, must be, to quote younger people, ‘pretty cool’. 

On Sunday last the public got an opportunity to inspect this imposing structure up close and a very large number did so.

The occasion was a hugely successful book launch by debutant writer, Sheila and her illustrator daughter, Moya.

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