Bridget makes it ‘bust right’ online

Mitchelstown native, Bridget Kearney.

A Mitchelstown born designer is virtually out in front when it comes to a critical piece of undergarment for women. 

Bridget Kearney has come up with a new way to fit a bra without a tape measure. She has been coming to the rescue of ladies and their ill fitted bras for ten years and now, even more women in lockdown, by extending her virtual bra fitting service to a whole new clientele.

The customer-focused entrepreneur and bra-fitter extraordinaire owns and runs multi award-winning Belle Femme Lingerie.

Bridget has provided customers with an expert and unique fitting service without the use of the traditional tape measure for close to ten years.

The savvy fashionista highlighted the clever virtual fitting service to a whole new audience and web sales from her Kilkenny based premises are already growing.

“Covid-19 has changed the way we work and these changes could last longer than the virus. So we are highlighting a service which we have offered for years – virtual bra fittings.  

“We’re asking customers to email us at and send us three pictures of them in their bra – one from the front, one from the side, the third from the back – along with their contact details,” Bridget said. 

To ensure the safety of prospective bra buyers, Bridget has made her online site particularly secure and pictures supplied by members of the public are deleted after the order is filled.  

“Our customers’ security is our top priority. While our site is safe and completely secure and we delete all images once orders are filled, we ask that their face is not visible in these images and that they focus on the bra area only in their photos.

“We call customers for a consultation prior to sending on the product. When they receive the bra they can try it on and let us know how it fits. If it is not right, they can send it back to us in the pre-paid envelope enclosed and we promise we will ensure they get the perfect bra.”

Bridget said that as many as eight out of ten women are unaware that they are wearing the wrong bra size.

“This can make them look up to half a stone heavier. If you are wearing the wrong size bra you are also compromising crucial support, resulting in potential back, neck and shoulder problems as well as potential breast pain.

The growing business scooped the coveted Stars Underlines Best Shop Award for Ireland and the UK in 2017, the Oscars of the lingerie industry.

Belle Femme Lingerie went on to win Retailer of the Year at the Kilkenny Chamber Business Awards the following year.