In recent days a growing number of people in the Fermoy and Mitchelstown area have tested positive for Covid-19 and local GPs are urging people to remain vigilant and to adhere to the public health guidance.

People must continue to maintain a two-metre distance with others outside of their units, to wash hands often and thoroughly and to avoid meeting people indoors.

“While the number of positive cases falls nationally for now, we have seen an increase in cases in this area over the past week and this needs to be taken very seriously,” explained Dr Martin Gorman of the Fermoy-Rathcormac Medical Practice.

He added: “For each person who has tested positive locally there are usually several others connected to them who are yet to develop symptoms, or maybe won’t develop symptoms at all, but will still be infectious. These people are likely to still be circulating in supermarkets, pharmacies, going for walks and so on.”

And Dr Barry O’Sullivan says GPs are noticing that some in our area are not adhering to the Covid-19 rules.

He told The Avondhu: “As a group of GPs we have heard, over and over, that some people are visiting houses and sharing cars with people not in their own household. Being inside a room or car with another person is much higher risk than standing two metres apart outdoors.”


And Dr O’Sullivan said the gradual easing of restrictions should not be a signal that you can behave as you did before the pandemic arrived in Ireland.

He said: “If restrictions are relaxed next week, it’s important that people do not take this as a green light to visit each other’s homes. The next phase in re-opening is for limited outdoor meetings at two metre distance in a group of up to four people.

“Please do not take the matter into your own hands and spend time in other people’s houses. In this area, we have seen people infected in this way, do not become the next confirmed case.”


Statistical analysis of positive cases shows that those with diabetes have been disproportionately impacted by Covid-19.

Dr Charlie McCarthy of The Park Clinic in Fermoy explains: “It appears that diabetics, especially those who do not have good control of their blood sugar levels, are at higher risk. We need to be sure your diabetes is under control, now more than ever.

“So if you were told at your last check-up that your diabetes could be controlled better, please get in touch with us. Do not put this on hold.”

And Dr McCarthy said its vital that we all stay healthy during this pandemic.

“For everyone it’s important that we stick to a healthy diet, exercise daily and get a good night’s sleep. Avoid over consumption of alcohol – it might relieve stress or anxiety for a few hours but, ultimately, could actually increase both.”


Question – Runners, Joggers and Cyclists

I go running and heard that, maybe, I should stay more than two metres from other people. I don’t want to risk infecting others. How far I should stay from other people?

The current official guidance of two metres remains standard, this is for everyone regardless of activity, but studies have raised concerns that people running or cycling, breathing heavily and going at speed could be spreading infectious droplets much further than two metres.

It would make sense therefore to run in a quieter area, or at a quieter time, and to run on the opposite side of the road to walkers.

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