Grass cutting and maintenance services in all public areas in County Waterford are set to resume from the middle of May, according to the council.

In a statement, Waterford County Council said that the Environmental Services Department was currently ‘being prepared for the phased reintroduction of normal services,’ in the coming month.

Continuing, the council indicated its intention to resume ‘full grass maintenance services in all public areas from May 18’.

“There has been significant growth over the past 5 weeks or so and we estimate it will take 3-4 weeks to get back on track with respect to the normal grass cutting and landscaping maintenance works,” a council official added.

The ‘Summer Floral Planting Programme,’ which takes place in urban areas in County Waterford is also scheduled to resume, and while the council noted that the programme ‘will be a little behind schedule,’ it went on to predict that this lag could be overcome and the majority of the planting could be finished by the middle of June.