Breda Maloney with her granddaughter, Louise with 30 shoeboxes ready for distribution by Team Hope Christmas Shoebox appeal. (Photo Miko O’Grady)

As another Christmas looms on the horizon, shoeboxes for the Hope appeal are being lovingly filled and despatched to help make the festive season a little better for children abroad.

One of the many to undertake this mission is Breda Moloney, Mitchelstown, who has been involved since 2004. Each year Breda has prepared no less than 25 boxes, increasing it to 30 this year.

These boxes contain little gifts, including pencils, small toys and especially scarves knitted by Breda herself.

Liam Kent of 2 Shoes kindly supplies the shoeboxes, some of Breda’s friends generously donate some gifts and with the help of her granddaughters, Louise and Claire Moloney, the boxes are wrapped with Christmas paper inside and outside to make a glittering surprise for the young recipients far from Mitchelstown come Christmas time.

Each box will have labels on them as there are three different age categories; 2-4 years; 5-9 years and 10-14 years. While putting the boxes together takes up considerable time, Breda is very happy in knowing that children far from her home will get some gifts for Christmas in the true spirit of the season of Christ.

Indeed, a big thank you to all that contribute annually to this wonderful and inspiring appeal, that instills hope in many of us.

PS: Breda has already started collecting for next year!

Over the last eighteen years Team Hope have delivered your shoebox gifts to over three million children, to some of the remotest and poorest parts of the world. To children who think they’ve been forgotten, but your kindness shows they haven’t been!

Well done to Breda and all that take the time to share a little at this special time of the year.