75% of AIG customers think Telematic Monitoring should be compulsory for learner and newly qualified drivers

New research shows three quarters of AIG customers believe all learner and new drivers should have telematic monitoring devices installed in their cars.

A survey of over one thousand current customers showed a positive attitude towards monitored driving behaviour. 

As we approach another bank holiday weekend, where increased traffic volumes and factors such as driver fatigue contribute to a much higher likelihood of car accidents, many believe telematics could make Irish roads safer.

  • 77% agree telematics solutions make the roads safer and prevent accidents.
  • 70% agree universal adoption of telematics solutions will ensure more drivers and pedestrians are alive by 2022 as a result of safer roads.

Over 80% would be willing to install telematics if it was linked to a reduction in insurance costs. But more than half of these people need to know more about telematics before making a final decision.

The Road Safety Authority reports that 47 learner drivers have been involved in fatal accidents on Irish roads in the last three years.

In 2017 AIG Ireland called for legislation to make telematics-based insurance mandatory for all drivers under the age of 25.

AIG believe that by making telematics mandatory, many lives will be saved.

Declan O’Rourke, General Manager of AIG Ireland commented: “In 2017, AIG called for mandatory telematics for young drivers to reduce accidents and save lives.

“We believe making telematics mandatory is like putting a Garda on every road in the country, without any cost to the State. AIG and many other insurers have the technology to monitor driving in real time.

“Policies are cancelled for excessive speeding over 160 km per hour and safe driving is rewarded with lower insurance prices”, he concluded.

Aidan Connaughton, Head of Personal Insurance of AIG Ireland commented: “Our real-time crash reporting technology gives us the ability to immediately respond to serious accidents and potentially, save lives.

“Utilising our outbound responder team, we can make contact with the driver and/or the emergency services enabling a fast response to serious crashes any time of the day or night”

AIG is committed to promoting safe driving and has gained a wealth of insight into Irish driver behaviour over the last four years since bringing telematics insurance products like AIG BoxClever to the Irish market.

AIG’s products offer motorists discounted premiums, real-time information and timely feedback on their driving, to ultimately improve their driving behaviour and make Irish roads safer.