Vaccination of over 85s in Mitchelstown commences

Mitchelstown residents who are patients at the local Livinghealth Clinic are set to get their vaccines this Thursday.

Julie Beamish of the health provider, said that the centre has contacted 224 octogenarians over the age of 85-years who are entitled to get the vaccine. The centre will start the roll out on Thursday 18th and it is expected to be completed by Friday.

The roll out per phase will be done over a two week window with the next cohort of recipients being in the 80 to 84-years age group.

The date of vaccination clinics by GPs and pharmacists will be dependent on when batches of the actual vaccine are delivered by the HSE.

“We are delighted here and people who have received the call are delighted also. There are people who have declined it, that is their democratic right,” she said.

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