Two thirds of Irish people could not live without their smartphone. A study of 1,000 Irish people reveals that as a nation we love smart technology with 81% of Irish people claiming to own a smartphone and 42% intend to buy a new smartphone in the next year.

3 in 4 use their phone daily to message friends while 84% say they check their emails on a daily basis on their device. Almost half (41%) listen to music daily on their phone and over 1 in 4 (26%) use it to watch TV every day.

Given the rise in popularity of health and fitness, it’s no surprise that 23% use their phone to track daily exercise.

So enamoured are we with our smartphones that taking a break from it can be an issue. Two thirds (67%) claim that they only disconnect during meal times and half (49%) put their phone away at family events.

However, aside from meal times and family functions, only 6% put devices away during the weekend and a mere 2% of those polled leave their phones outside of the bedroom.

We are so connected that two thirds of respondents said they would fail a 24-hour digital detox.

Social media apps are the most used apps followed by news and banking apps.

The results are according to new research by Carphone Warehouse.