There is an immediate need to address the continued closure of the footpath adjacent to the town park and Christ Church in Fermoy as it is proving an unwelcome eyesore for residents and tourists as well as proving to be a danger for pedestrians, Fermoy-based Councillor Noel McCarthy said this week.

Cllr McCarthy said the issue will be discussed at next week’s meeting of Fermoy Municipal Authority where he will press for immediate action to see the footpath repaired and the unsightly bollards blocking it to be removed.

As well as visually unappealing, he said the present situation is dangerous as pedestrians are forced to walk out on the road.

As the footpath is situated alongside a national road, it is the responsibility of Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) who would need to provide the funding to carry out the repair works to the footpath, which is presently deemed unsafe for public use.

“We’ve had no progress on it and we’re looking for action now. It looks awful, we’re trying to improve the image of the town but it’s hard when you have an eyesore like this. If you’re coming into the town, or even if you’re living in the town, you’re thinking ‘the council are doing nothing there’ but it’s actually the responsibility of the TII,” Cllr McCarthy told The Avondhu.

The Fine Gael representative, who is also chairperson of Fermoy Tidy Towns, said the present condition of the footpath regularly comes up at Tidy Towns meetings.

“We can put all the out flower pots that we like but you’re fighting a losing battle when you have something like this in the town. We’re heading into our third summer with this and it’s just not good enough.”