The family of Geraldine & Louise Clancy speak about the impact their deaths have had

Tonight on Crimecall, the family of Geraldine and Louise Clancy speak about the devastating impact their deaths have had on them.

Since the loss of his wife and daughter Noel Clancy’s campaign to change the law regarding unaccompanied learner drivers comes into effect Friday, 21st December.

Tonight on Crimecall (17th December, RTÉ One, 9.35pm) the family of Geraldine and Louise Clancy speak about the devastating impact their deaths have had on them.

Geraldine and Louise Clancy, from Kilworth in north Cork, died following a road traffic collision on December 22nd, 2015. They both died from drowning after their car was struck by another car. That car was driven by an unaccompanied learner driver. Since then Noel Clancy has campaigned to change the law in relation to unaccompanied learner drivers.

Earlier this year Minister for Transport Shane Ross’s Road Traffic Amendment Bill passed through the Oireachtas. It made it an offence for the owner of a vehicle to allow a learner driver use a vehicle unaccompanied, also known as the “Clancy Amendment”. This amendment is to be passed in the Oireachtas on Friday 21st of December.

Noel Clancy, husband of Geraldine and father to Louise painfully recalls the day he came across the collision scene which is only a short distance from his house.

Noel – “As I looked back, they were pulling a girl from out of the car and she was blue and purple in the face, and I didn’t recognise her … I turned back and they were pulling a woman out of the car, and I didn’t recognise her. I looked back at the car, and I said, ‘it’s the same car.’ And I knew then it was Geraldine and Louise.”

Noel, speaks of the horrific way that they died.

“… they were trapped in the car. The eye witnesses couldn’t even open the door. The door was wedged. As the car filled up, they were screaming in the car. Screaming for their lives.”

Fiona Clancy, Noel’s second daughter speaks of the devastating impact that the crash has had on their family.

“This has absolutely shattered our family. It’s ripped it apart.”

Crimecall, tonight (Monday, 17th December), 9.35pm on RTÉ One.